traces of the unpresent present or the present unpresent. 2014

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"Traces of the Present Unpresent or Unpresent Present" is a six channel interactive audio installation, which was realized during a residency at cheLA, Buenos Aires, organized by conDIT. The Installation is set up in a darkened room. The composed soundscape which can be heard in the room is, at first glance experienced as the natural background noise of the space, but later is revealed as a composed field recording piece.

In the middle of the room there is a pawn placed on a small box. Through changing the position of this figure, one can change the "tuning" of the situation. Subtle tonal arrangements interfuse with the present noise texture and influence the interpretation of the situation in various ways.

The visitors can interact at any time through moving the figure, and can come to rest on the provided mattresses, take time to listen and experience the setting.

The primary material for the 6 different "moods" are mainly sinetones, which were determined through a frequency analysis of the audio recording which was taken in the room. The noise composition, which is played through the other 4 speakers in the room, is comprised of field recordings, which where recorded in the room during the past week. Therefore the traces of the immediate past of the room can be found in the audio recordings and create a subtle acoustic portrait of a complex space and the people, the beings, the elements which form it. The idea of this installation occurred while thinking about the german word Stimmung. In german, there is a linguistic ambiguity in this word which means Tuning (e.g. of an Instrument), but also "Mood", "Atmosphere", and "Disposition". The entire room and its social context was perceived as an instrument. The acousmatic installation "Traces of the present unpresent or unpresent present" interrogates this field of correlation with subtle interventions into the aural space in interaction with the attendees." Supported by BMUKK, Austrian Embassy Argentina