Christine Schörkhuber, Veronika Mayer

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The performance 'Tangency' works with the subtle and fascinating sounds of touching surfaces. With special built microphones hidden in the inner side of the hands the architectural elements of a room are scanned by touching it and turned into audio signals. These signals are amplified and partly electronically processed and produce an acoustic reproduction of the room. Tangency refers specifically to the characteristics of each room or space where the performance takes place. It takes time for attentive movements and unostentatious slow music.

(foto: Veronika Mayer)

Neue Musik, St. Ruprecht, Vienna (Foto: Neue Musik St. Ruprecht)

Samtalekokkenet, Copenhagen, Denmark (fotos: Ellen + Henrik Verstergaard Frijs)

HoergeREDE Festival, Minoritensaal, Graz (Foto: Monja Kojalek)