syn - Etüdes of noise experiences2006/07. DVD  16:36

In the Series „Syn“ I am using the medium of video to discover that one single moment of a certain sound arising.The source material is only a few seconds long. I use repetitions, loops, changes of time and duration and the relationship of the layers to create a music piece of a few minutes. With this method I refer to the work of Pierre Schaeffer and the musique concrete.

Audio and videotrack aren´t seperated between first record and finished music/video piece. The system of composition is derived from the facilities and restrictions of digital video cut. Audio and video runs parallel– considered technically.

rohre 2:40
feuer 1:41
>>> eis 1:28
glas 2:40
>>> kreissäge 1:41
steine 1:48
flughafen 2:10
strassenbahnwalzer 1:00
>>> zug 1:41
radio 1:05
Gesamtdauer 16:36