spin. 2010. HDV 8 min

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A Spin is the intrinsic angular momentum of elementary particles in quantum mechanics. In Dance, "Spin" stands for the fast rotatation around the body axis. Spins arise also in Hannes Loeschels Composition.
A string ensemble enhanced with grand piano and electronics provide the field for a process. Certain elements unravel from the sheet music while unpredictable dynamic moments emerge, before they finally reincoporate in organised Patterns. Christine Schoerkhuber takes up this approach on a experimental visual level and translates these elements in an abstracted Videocomposition based on the modification of time lapses, overlays and sections. The basic material was filmed with PHACE|CONTEMPORARY MUSIC at Studio 2, ORF Wien.
"Spin - Readymade" shows the first part, "Spin part I, III, IV" is a medley of the first, third and fourth part.


15. Zoom Blizenia, International Film Festival, Jelenia Gora (PL) 2012
8th Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa (GRE) 2011
X International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk (RU) 2011
24es Instants Video Numeriques et Poetiques Paris/Dheli (F, India) 2011