speaking walls. 2010

The installation “Speaking walls” takes a closer look on street marking in Budapest, basically focussed on the technique of stencilling.
Small pieces of artificial wall with stencils from the streets of Budapest are shown in an exhibition space, headphones are plugged in the mural piece. Several people speak about backgrounds, stories and personal perspectives of the particular motives, street art and society in general: Street artists, Activists, the owner of a design shop, a classical painter and different passants have been interviewed.

Like the transferred mural pieces of an antique building to an anthropological museum, the dislocated walls are witnesses of a specific situation and environment. As streets are a main public zone of urban communication and political discourse, the marking of the walls there is a way of (semi)permanent participation.
The intentions are different and reach from plain aesthetical fun to the need of posting social messages and criticizing the system. The speaking walls of Budapest reflect politics, social structure, culture and way of living in contemporary Hungary.

The artwork was produced during a residence in Budapest 2010, supported by AIR Krems and the Budapest Galleria.