six intros. 2007. DVD 23:00

Six public buildings in the city of vienna (Bundesasylamt, Magistrat Alsergrund, Billa, Gerngroß, Mumok, Semperdepot).
The entrance of each of these buildings, the passage from outside to the inside, contains a broad variety of accoustic experiences, hardly noticable when merely passing by.
I set out to audiovisually record this process of entering with a hand camera. This short piece of space-experience i then made the starting point for the composition of concrete music. The original audio track of the video is the instrumentation.

This work is the continuation of the method i applied with the etudes. While the process of working remains the same, the angle now is different and thus gives rise to a new perspective.

As in the etudes, no further audio tracks are added and no effects are applied.

The centre point here is the accoustic dimension in architecture and the 'soundability' of a social space.

The different works are combined to make up a presentation. However, they also work separate, as independent pieces. If you go outside from the inside or vice versa, you cross a border of two spaces brought into contact. The entrance is the space where the soundscape of inside and outside meet.

'Spaces touch where their limits dissolve. However, these connecting points have no lieu. They only appear as a momentary screeching and fleeting sound. These limits can not be deciphered, they can only be heard once they have mixed- thus is the consistency of the crack that dissolves all points it passes by.' "

  Michel deCerteau: Die Kunst des Handelns.  Merve Verlag. Berlin 1988. Kapitel VII Gehen in der Stadt S 211