phoebus. 2011. with Veronika Mayer

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Light bulbs of different size and forms are appropriated to turn into sounding objects and resonance bodies. They emit a multichannel sound composition: the gentle metallic noises of the filament, the vibrancy of the corpus, the cracking and bursting of the glass bulb...

The work refers to the so called Phoebus cartel, that existed from the 20ies on between the global players in bulb production. They aimed to modify the technical facilities of production in favour of higher sales figures. One of their first agreements was the reduction of the possibile durability of light bulbs to 1000 hours. It is an early example of the incapacitation of individuals to consuments by controlling knowledge and technical facilities.

Jennyfair 2011; Reheat Festival, Impuls Galerientage, Soundbarrier Festival