broadcast media sculptures. 2009. with Laura Skocek, Marianna Tscharkwianni, Barbara Kaiser

Broadcast Media Sculptures is an EU-project organised by Radio Orange 94.0 in collaboration with other open medias in Amsterdam, Budapest, Sofia and London.

The first phase was called Media Playgrounds. Four artists were invited to work on the topic "the past and future of mass media" in the radio sturdio of Orange 94.0. A free, experimental working process was startet, that also integrated the possibility of utopic visions.

In between culture pessimistic mediavsions and an multimedic euphorie the artists decided to focus on the most exeptional case in Media; the silence.

Out of this approach they formulated the idea of "active media passivism" as a new playfull way dealing with media realities.

IAs an antagonism to a predominant daily sound- and vision overflow this means an reduction of information on the lowest level possible - to enable a intense perception of the immediate Surrounding and not at least, of oneself.

During the birthday celebration of radio Orange the artists performed twice, three videoinstallations where shown in the entrance hall of brut/Künstlerhaus.

Also three radio shows where produced during the week. In the first show called "Maintain the silence" the artists fooled out the emergency program of the station. This mechanism starts playing music after more than about 50 sec. of silence on air. It had to be bypassed through small acoustic interventions.

The second show was a Talk show, where the Utopia of silence in the modern mass media was discussed.

In the last show the artists broadcasted 30 sec. of composed silences, as they might have been heard in different historical ages.