grenze im Fluss. 2009

2 channel videoinstallation
In the end of the 80s Franz S. and a friend of him navigated the Danube with a rubber boat from Waidhofen/Ybbs to the Black Sea.
They made this trip at a time, when the border of the Iron Curtain also marked the end of the world somehow in the minds of many people.

20 years later Christine Schörkhuber travelled on a Danube cruiser from Passau to Budapest in the course of an art project. On board she took book by Bernhard Waldenfels with her, a phenomenological analysis of „the Border“ and „the Foreign“.

The Installation consists of two video projections and three audio tracks. The layers are not designed to be in sync with each other but to be linked in an associative way. Thereby every turn reveals slightly different versions of perception.

A phenomenological consideration about travelling on a river and the essence of the „Border“

White club, Expedition 2009.