chimney sweeper. 2011. HDV 4 min

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'Chimney Sweeper' is a short music animation video based on the song by composer Hannes Loeschel with singer Phil Minton. This song is the musical version of a Poem by William Blake from the cycle „Songs of Innocence“ and tells the sad story of a little chimney sweeper boy in the 19th century. Filmmaker Christine Schörkhuber and Drawer Stefanie Wuschitz reinterpretated the text with modern analogies on Working Condition, Industrialisation and Capitalism. Musicians Exit Eden (Hannes Loeschel, Clayton Thomas, Mathias Koch, Michael Bruckner) Phil Minton In the short film the musicians are composed with the animated drawings. A specific visual aesthetic is created through exclusions and superimpositions, the drawing line leads the focus and make certain elements visible, while others maintain dark and undefined.


Tricky Women, Vienna (A) 2012
Mashrome Festival, Rom (I) 2012
Kurzfilmtage Detmold, Detmold, (D) 2012