bah vs. liii supervised. with Veronika Mayer, Florian Fennes

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You are about to witness a free improvisation of three different characters, using three different means to produce media - analogue audio, digital audio and video. A saxophone, a laptop and a video-camera. All three are visually and audibly linked to each other, creating a sensitive network of interaction. Sampling and loops being central tools, they build nets of sounds and visuals - imaginary landscapes - evolving and developing, changing colour and mood, thus creating a journey through different places of mind, inviting the audience to travel along. The players are in a different room than the audience, perceived only via a screen and a sound system. Please note that this is a live performance, taking place right now very close to you - or is it?

Auftritte 2008

25.01. Ana Doma Filmfestival, Braunschweig
03.04. Jazzwerkstatt, WUK
06.05. vElak Gala, Konzerthaus/brut, Wien
13.06. Subterrarium, Wien
04.07. Stadtflucht festival, Nickelsdorf
25.07. Parque de Sol, St. Pölten